Friday, August 2, 2013

M&S Fruit Selection Chocolate Box

As I promised, I will try my best to share information and reviews based on my experience. And I'll be starting it with my fave chocolate brand.

Last night hubby and I decided to try Fudruckers burgers (but this blog is not bout burgers hehehhe) and after indulging with calories we need to take a walk for a while to burn the fats before coming to bed.

I think this is one of the best visit I had in Mark & Spencer in Festival City..wondering why??!!! There's a lot of foodies on sale which mostly half the price..what a heaven is it??!! I'm a lucky girl.

The chocolate is not that sweet and the flavors inside will burst in your mouth on every bite.

I addicted to M&S chocolates

 With my chocolate addiction:

Chocolate with orange, strawberry and lemon zest filling..what a breeze!

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