Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cebu-Bohol Trip 2013

After 2 years of  hard work in the land of the Arab we decided to take a break to breath some air (people working in UAE knows what I mean..). We only had 30 days to spent in the Philippines and as much as possible we want to spend time with family at the same time visit places which we haven't been too.

This time we decided to spend the holiday in Cebu and Bohol. Good thing I'm such addict review reader- It take me 3 months gathering information thru forums and different blogs (what such a bliss-"Thanks to Technology"). We take Cebu as our Enrty and Exit in Visayas region via Cebu Pacific ( and took ToGo going to Bohol and Wessam going back to Cebu.

Upon arrival in Cebu I called our accommodation which is Fuente de Oro Business Suite ( to confirm our booking- you know I'm a little bit hesitate coz when I make the reservation they didn't asked for any reservation which sound so strange to me. You can check my review on this hotel in Tripadvisor ( ). On our first day in Cebu we're a little bit confused on where to start good thing when we get down in the lobby the manong security asked us if we want to have a city tour. We hired the taxi for a City Tour at first he's asking price is Php 3000 very pricey huh?! but I make tawad until we settled to  of Php 2000.

These are some photo's we visited:

Taoist Temple

An old Ancestral House and spot I forget the name :(

Magellan's Cross
Santo Nino Shrine

Lapu-Lapu Shrine
The Top is included in our package but since we're already tired and exhausted we just asked the driver to take us in SM to buy a spare battery for our camera..and guess what?!!the moment we got in the mall - heavy rain came down..for a loooongggg time and as if I didn't leave manila -flood is running on me huh! there it is my first ever rain experience in Cebu.

Cebu experience will not be completed without tasting their pride lechon. We decided to go to the nearest Lechon shop from our accommodation which is Zubuchon.

We only ordered 1/2 kilo of boneless lechon and Kamias shake to counterpart the cholesterol.

And who will resist for a course i should take home Sansrival :)

For the Pasalubongs we when to Tabuan Market for the Danggit and Crispy pusit. I also bought a box of Shamrock's Otap and Dried mango.

Since this is already too long I'll make a separate blog for our Bohol Trip.

When we got back to Cebu after our Bohol trip - hubby and I decided to change our accommodation which is only few blocks away from Fuente de Oro. This is near to Robinson mall and to the Fuente Osmena Circle (opssss I'm not so sure of that circle name hehehe). The hotel name is Hotel Cuatro - it has a cozy ambiance and the room is clean but the corridors are too small and you could hear people who are passing by. But for the price of Php 1750 with free breakfast this is fair enough. And by the way, they allowed us for a late check out..happy me :)

@ the Lobby