Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bohol 2013

Bohol..Bohol..Bohol...I love Bohol!!!!!

Ever since I really wanted to go to Bohol, everytime I saw pictures in social networks I wanted to fly back to Philippines. I must admit I'm more excited going to Bohol than in Cebu (heheheh!!!). And  when we got in there it justify the feeling..Bohol is such a beautiful..beautiful place!!!

That's why I'm so happy when we finally  made it. And I regret just staying there for 3D/2N we should have stayed a little bit longer.

As I mentioned in my earlier post in our Cebu-Bohol Trip blog. We took ToGo ( going to Bohol and Wessam Express going back to Cebu ( total cost for two pax is approx. Php. 1600.00.

We reached Tagbilaran port by around 1:00 pm and we didn't had a hard time looking for our pick up. From the pick up up to checking in everything is so smooth. After checking in we had our lunch in their restaurant. And this is our first meal:

yummy and healthy breakfast

All are errands are included in our package in Amarela. And it's a bliss - well organized plus the driver is very nice.

Day 1: Panglao Tour (this is supposed to be Snorkeling and Dolphin watching but since weather is not that so's not a bad replacement at all):

Hinagdanan Cave & Shell Museum
Hinagdanan Cave is naturally lighted there are were holes on the ceiling where sunlight passes through.  The cave is made of limestone with stalactites and stalagmites on it's ceiling and a secretly hidden lagoon.

Bohol Bee Farm:

Actually we're supposed to stay here but my hubby is not a  fan of rustic ambiance. Perfect for dinner date.

Ohhh and this is the famous ice cream.

I had Malunggay ice cream and hubby had Guyabano

Add caption

what an awesome view??!!!

The Souvenir Shop where they sell native items, organic products such as teas, pastries, breads and spread.

Lovely native tote bag

Day 2: Countryside Tour

Tarsier Sanctuary

We only saw 3 Tarsier that time - their hiding elsewhere.
Chocolate Hills

Man-made Forest - Thanks to Imelda Marcos project (planting of Mohogany Trees)
Loboc River Cruise

Honestly I didn't enjoy much of the food but I guess you're not paying for the food it's the view that you pay.

Butterfly Farm

Biggest phyton
 Baclayon Church

Blood Compact

Overall we had a great time staying in Bohol including how nice Boholano's are. We'll definitely come back to try DANAO ADVENTURE!! See you soon Bohol...

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