Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dinner Date @ Vapiano

Hubby and I decided to try Vapiano which serves Italian pizza's and pasta - this is a newly opened restaurant here in Sahara Center, Sharjah. Upon arrival we're guided with one of the server to our seats and gave us a chipcard. You will use the chipcard when you order your food - I found their concept so cute, you need to go to different station and tap your card (and viola your order will be automatically go to your card and when paying all you have to do is give your card to the server and they'll give your bill) and give your order opppss did I mentioned that they have a open kitchen?! you can watch them cook your meal . I'm just a little bit worried what if the place is full for sure there will be a little traffic going.

Cute center table
Vapiano has four stations: live-cooking for salad and antipasti, pizza, pasta and the bar for desserts and drinks..oh how I love watching  them preparing my meal where I can see they're using the ingredients in their freshness.

Open Kitchen-where you will place your order

Beverage Section

I really love the ambiance of the place-it's chic and fancy and the food is delicious but will not break your pocket.

Here's the breakdown of what we had:

Insalata Mista - Small   22.00
Carbonara                     45.00
BBQ Chicken Pizza     45.00
Orange Carrot Juice      18.00
Watermelon Juice         18.00

TOTAL COST              : 148.00 Dhs.

The serving is huge and we couldn't no longer finish the pizza so we just take it home for breakfast the following day.

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