Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Shaking experience @ SHAKE SHACK

Shake Shack is a famous restaurant chain from US serving hamburgers. hotdogs, french fries, milkshakes and frozen custard. Numbers of people will line up under the sun for an hour just to get a burger or hotdog from Shake Shack. So I'm really wondering is this really that good? Ohhhh..I must try this one!!!Anyway, I'm a sucker of anything new and popular hehehhe!! And good thing I don't need to fly to US to try this one they have one store in Dubai which is located in Mall of the Emirates.

I was digging out some files when I saw the photo's of our Shake Shack experience so this is actually a late post and the dining happened early this year.

Hubby, a friend and myself are having a stroll in the Mall of the Emirates when we decided to try the infamous hamburger of US. This store is usually jammed pack specially during weekends and good thing we went there on weekdays so there's a ample of seats. The place is clean and tidy. And the wait staffs are very friendly and helpful so superb customer service.

We ordered 2 Shake Burger, 1 Shake Stack, 2 french fries, 2 sodas, 1 Fifty-Fifty and red velvet frozen custard for dessert. Once they had our order they gave me a buzzer that would "shake" when our order is ready :)

Burgers to die for..

My Shake Stack burger which is a combination of Cheeseburger and Shroom Burger. Shroom Burger is for vegetarian. It is crisp-fried portobello mushroom filled with melted muensters and cheddar cheese, topped with lettuce, tomatoes and Shacksauce.

My favorite burger of all times
Red Velvet Frozen custard
The burgers are fantastic and honestly I'm addicted to it - the meat was cooked just right retaining the juiciness of the beef plus the  flavors that make people stand in line for so long in Shake Shack around the world. I'm not just so happy with their fries though probably I just got used of the Mcdonald's fries. And the Frozen Custard is no extraordinary at all.

Price wise, for me it's expensive for a burger alone and considering the size as well.

Shake Burger (Double) : 37.00 Dhs.
Shake Stack                 : 37.00 Dhs.   
Fries                             : 12.00 Dhs
Fountain Soda              : 12.00 Dhs.    
Fify-Fifty                      : 15.00 Dhs
Frozen Custard             : 21.00 Dhs.

Click here for the menu!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Dreaming of a Tea Date

TWG Tea is the luxury tea of the Wellness group established in Singapore which is now in UAE they have boutique in Dubai Mall and in Dubai Festival City.

The moment I saw this fancy Tea Salon..Oh my God!!!! For a coffee and tea addict like me this is such a heaven..I deadly hoping to try this one soon.

Last Friday when hubby and I passed in this tea place..I almost beg him to take me to a tea date but since we're already full no chance at all :(

Photo taken at Dubai Festival City.

Lovely place!! I can't wait to spend my afternoon tea with a good companion.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Power Breakfast @ DOME Cafe

I loveeeeee Friday!!! It's one of the two days I can woke up late..and I can have a healthy and sumptuous breakfast. Now, it's obvious I'm a breakfast eater..I can have my breakfast even it still dawn hahahha..Actually, it only started recently when I proved to myself that breakfast is really the best meal of the day - I don't easily get starve so I'm not tempted to eat unhealthy food and I more alert and energized when I have one in the morning compare if I just took a cup of coffee.

Our usual Friday route is either we go to church or go for a grounding - then have a real meal for breakfast. If I can have my breakfast as early as dawn that is exactly the opposite of my hubby, he only eat his breaky at least 10:00am..which for me it's not a breakfast at all..the one we usually called brunch. Anyway, even though we have different food clock we still enjoy our food together :)

This is our first time to dine in DOME cafe  and thanks to my incentive card!!!! but I usually have their food in our office meetings and conferences  this is how I got my incentive card. For every 50 Dhs you spent 1 stamp on your card and one card have a maximum of 20 stamps when completed which mean you have 100 Dhs to spend either delivery or dine in but except for whole cakes.

We opted to went to Burjuman Center branch instead of Reef mall, their  Reef mall branch is just a small space. And we seen before the one in Burjuman near to Metro Station - it's huge place enough to move around. But for some reason  we had difficulty to find it from the parking area and when we check on the information map guide it leads us to 2nd floor. I never knew  that they have to outlets there which they called Jumana Branch.

Anyway, the place is not bad at all..not as big as the one in the ground floor but it's more quiet and you can enjoy a nice talk with someone.

Lovely place!!! It's clean and tidy and have amble of chairs and table to accommodate more customers. Lucky us we're the only customer that time..ohhh!!!have a mentioned before that I love quiet place..I'm more on the conversation type so I really enjoyed this place - it's honestly a hidden gem for people like me.

I love the ceiling!!!!

while waiting for our food..let's have pictures!!!

I really find this little thing sooo cute!!! It show's how important customer service is.

Ohhh how he love this one..he is definitely a happy man hehehhe

Breakfast is served.

I ordered Country breakfast for me which includes fresh orange juice, scrambled egg with sautéed mushroom and grilled tomatoes, toasted brown bread with butter and a cup of coffee. While hubby had a omelette breakfast btw, the omelette consist mushroom, tomatoes and cheese..really yummy!!!

Turkey Bacon

Enjoying our coffee!!!  This really makes my day ;)

As hubby said, it's really nice to have a real food in the morning in a nice place with a great talk.

With these sumptuous meal, we had a great day and a happy tummy!!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

I love Gelato

" Gelato" is the italian term for ice cream. But what really is the difference between the Ice Cream of US to Gelato of Italy??!!

According to Food Republic, the difference depends to 3 factor: fat, air and temperature. For the fats, ice cream must have at least 10% of fats (cream) while gelato which is mostly made of milk, so has a lower fat. Ice cream required a fast churned to make it light and fluffy quality while gelato is slow-churned which make it more dense, milkier and slower to melt. This bring us to temperature, ice cream is served 10 degrees F - any warmer it would melt. But gelato has less fat and air it served at 15 degrees F.

Anyway, either gelato or ice cream If I have one I'll surely enjoy it. Enough of this trivia thing :) let me share with you my first gelato experience.

Everytime we're in Dubai Festival City it never failed to catch my attention this color gelato stand. But honestly, I'm just always looking at it's either I'm already full and no room for deserts or I'm feeling cold as always.

   Look how yummy and colorful they are :)                                                                                                                                                                                

It was not really our intention to have one. But when the Kabayan staff offer for a free taste we couldn't resist to have one. She give me raspberry flavor but it's too sour for me and hubby got the cheesecake which he love. So we end up having a cup in two flavors: cheesecake and Choco Divino.

The price is 19 Dhs. per cup and you can have 2 flavors. And since I gave her 20 box and she doesn't have a change she offered to put syrup in my gelato. Strawberry syrup for the cheesecake and dark chocolate syrup for the Choco Divino.

Overall experience, of course both hubby and I enjoyed it..we both love ice cream and now so this one.

And I also noticed that yes, this one melts slower that the ice cream we used to have.

So next time, you pass by a gelato stand..why not have one??!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

Maybelline is an American brand sold worldwide and owned by the French cosmetic company "Loreal". And who doesn't hear their slogan "Maybe it's Maybelline".

I got my Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser when one of my colleague's relative went here in Dubai. I asked a favor if they can brought me some goodies from the Philippines. Unfortunately, this product is not yet available in my location.

I knew this product through reviews and I got curious to try on.

Packaging: Sleek Nozzle Tube
Price       : Php. 299.00

The packaging is very pretty and light weight you can carry it on your make up pouch.

The product promised a baby skin poreless and a smooth canvass when applying make up and on my experienced I just achieved the later. 

It's a translucent silicone gel and when applied it easily glide on your face. No sticky feeling and no fragrance at all.

For it's price this product is not bad at all.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Updated :Sephora Lipstick

Sephora is one of the leading perfume and cosmetics store worldwide. It features a variety of beauty products from over more than 100 including NARS, Urban Decay, Make up For Ever and Too faced Cosmetics. And Sephora itself also carries their own make up, skincare, beauty tools and accessories.

I have  been my planning to visit Sephora's store for quiet sometime but for some reason it was always not given a chance...but finally  last week when we're roaming around in Mirdiff City Center I just saw the store without any intention of dropping by- this is it!!!

I had brought 2 lippies of Sephora and an eye primer from Urban Decay (i'll make a separate blog for this..)

Sephora's Rouge Shine/Brilliance - Just Dating N18 & Guest List N12

I love the black tube packaging and the name at the bottom part. The smell is quiet ok for me it's tolerable. The only thing I don't like on the product is the staying powerr probably because it's creamy and glossy type.

Look at the swatches:

Most of the time I'm using my Guest List lippy for like natural look - I truly love this color. Next time I visit Sephora I'll try to get the matte one and I hope the super dying Urban Decay Naked pallete too.

Update: 18.10.2013  - I was about to use my Just Dating lippy when I noticed that it melted. I'm so disappointed with it.

Ginataang Tilapia

We're been eating meat for one whole week now so I decided to hoard some fish from the supermarket. I brought Tilapia for my Ginataang tilapia, Salmon head for Sinigang and Ispada which I'm planning to fry..this will be my menu from today till tomorrow.

"Ginataan" is a Filipino cooking method which means cooked in coconut milk. This method is popularized by the our kababayang Bicolanos.

Let me share to you guys my recipe for Ginataang Tilapia :)


1can coconut milk
2-3 pcs medium size tilapia
4 cloves garlic
1 medium size sliced onion
1 medium size tomato
2 tbsp. shirmp paste/bagoong alamang (i used Barrio Fiesta)
1 tbsp. patis
2 pcs. siling labuyo/finger chili
1 bundle of Pechay


1. Simmer coconut milk, garlic, onion, ginger and tomatoes while stirring.
2. Add in the shrimp paste and patis. Boil for 2-3 minutes.
3. Put in the cleaned tilapia and simmer for 4-5 minutes or till the sauce is slightly thickened.Add siling labuyo/finger chili and pepper to taste.
4. When almost done dumb in your pechay and cover. Serve hot with rice.

Healthy cooking :)

D&G Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation-Beige

I been using my MAC Studio Tech for quiet sometime now and honestly I feel comfortable using it..not until I met my D&G Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation (Beige 78).

Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation - UV Protection SPF 15

The Packaging:

At the first glance, the packaging looks similarly to Dior Pro Cheek Blush, but this one is actually made of Glass instead of Acrylic which make it very heavy and not advisable to include in your vanity pouch.

The design is very simple yet so elegant with the color gold and crystal (glass).

These are the ingredients in case you're particular with the chemical contents:

Aqua, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Isohexadecane, Mica, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Titanium Dioxide, Glycerin, Sorbitan Isostearate, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Alumina, Caprylyl Dimethicone Ethoxy Glycoside, Aluminum/Magnesium Hydroxide Stearate, Silica Silyrate, Sodium Chloride, Hexylene Glycol, Methylparaben, Potassium Sorbate, Zinc Sterate, Propylparaben, Sorbitol, Fructose, PCA Dimethicone, Mannitol, Glucose, Urea, Sodium PCA, Tocopherol, Dextrin, Sucrose, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Trehalose, BHT, Sodium Hyalluronate, Aspartic Acid, Alanine, Glutamic Acid, Polyquaternium-51, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Phenoxyethanol, CI 77891, CI 77492, CI 77491, CI 77499

I really had trouble choosing for the shade..I was torn between Beige and Natural Beige but at the end I settled with the Beige and no regrets at all.

I love how it blends on my skin tone

What I really love on this product since it's a cream based it's easy to apply on skin and you can even use your fingers if you don't have a foundation brush and honestly even I have one I still use my fingers hahahha..and most importantly I don't feel any itchiness. For me the only down fall on this product is the's smell like rubbery or what.

opppss..sorry for the resolution I just used my mobile

Price wise, I honestly think this is worth every penny even though this foundation is one of the most expensive in the market, it would be best to choose  the best shade suits on your skintone before purchasing.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thank you for another year...

Triple Chocolate - French Bakery
I just celebrated my 34th birthday yesterday..oh my how time flies so fast!!! if only I could stop ticking the clock of our lives. But this is really the reality of our lives our biological body gets old and weak I just couldn't imagine losing people I love..and honestly I hate it when my birthday comes hehehehe.

And actually I preferred no celebration at all. Just a good sleep..a good food and a good talk will make me happy. Sometimes I was thinking is it I'm so boring or I'm just so simple?!

But since my hubby insisted to make handa on my birthday and as per him since he didn't throw a party on his last birthday..I should throw one all together with our super delayed house warming. I preferred all the food from scratch and off course with the loving support and help of my hubby.

Eventhough I'm so tired from the preparation of the foods..I'm so happy to see some friends that I had not seen for sometime.

Thank you for your sweetness:

The most precious gift I received in this lifetime
Above all..I want to Thank you Lord for all the blessings I'm receiving through all this years. You gave me the things I dreamed off..I'm having a wonderful husband and very beautiful family. You only not gave me what I need but you also gave me some pocket to spend for the things I want. I just pray for the continuous happiness and good health for me and for my entire family.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Soy & Pepper

I got a meal voucher for two courtesy of Dome Cafe. Soy and Pepper is one of their group of company. And honestly when I heard the name I have mistaken it with "SALT & PEPPER" which serves Filipino food.

This is located in Reef mall besides Dome CAfe. The space is little bit small but when we came only few customers is there so not crowded for us.

The price is pretty affordable and for me the serving is reasonable enough.

Salad and Fried Dumpling

Giant Siomai

Chicken Dish which I forgot the name
Beef Dish which I also forgot the name 

Honestly, I didn't enjoy much of the food it's salty for our taste bud. The only food that I can say is "ok" is the Siomai which I take home and had it for lunch in the office.

Do I'm going to come back? most probably in the future to check out if their food have improved.


It was my hubby's colleague who introduced us to this primitive health remedy. When his colleague mentioned this to my hubby we immediately goggled it..hahhahha!!and viola we decided to try in by weekend.

Barefoot in the beach sand
A simple walking in the beach sand or just standing barefoot in the grass will make a difference in your health..what a cheap way of improving our health!!you're only investing your time.

We had a good walk in the beach at the same time it also serves as our bonding moment. Nice walk + good chat :)

By the way, last night I had a very good sleep..I usually wakes up 6:30 am even without office but today I woke up 9:00 am just when I felt that somebody was moving in our room (hubby is already preparing for the office).

My hubby is diabetic and I'm having problem with my blood pressure. Will definitely include this in our activity now.

Hearty Tuna Pasta

This is my adaptation from the recipe of Kris Aquino which I saw in her website. This is so perfect for me coz I truly love tuna and off course adding up different vegetables and herbs.


500 grams Penne Pasta
2 tbsp. olive oil
2 tbsp. butter ( I prefer the salted one)
Minced garlic
Chopped white onion
Sliced fresh mushroom
1 can corned tuna
2 pcs. Zucchini sliced
Small bottle of Ragu/Hunts Pasta sauce
1 small can evaporated milk
1/2 cup grated cheddar cheese
Salt & pepper
Chopped parsley and dill (optional)


1. Cook the pasta according to package direction. Set aside.
2. Saute olive oil, butter,garlic and onion in a medium pan. Add the corned tuna when the onions are already translucent. Cook for 2-3 minutes. Add the mushroom and zucchini and let it stand for another 2-3 minutes.
3. Put in pasta sauce and let it simmer then add cheese and milk. Season with salt and pepper
4. Mix in pasta with the sauce and simmer for 2 minutes. Top with chopped parsley.

This is a must try recipe :)