Thursday, August 22, 2013

P.F Changs sumptuous meal

Nice place
It was an ordinary office afternoon when hubby called to pick me up in the office along with his colleague/ friend.  Right after he informed me I immediately think of a nice place to dine in  and I wonder why not try P.F CHANGS since I been eyeing for this for a quit sometime.

We just decided to go to Deira City Center branch which is located at the second floor (near Sharaf DG Store) and adjacent to Texas Roadhouse (I'm so tempted to dine here instead of PF Changs when I saw this - good thing calories cross my mind hehehe). It's perfect when we arrived only few customer's were there, I have read on some reviews that it takes time to serve the food but on our experience waiting time it's not that bad at all probably because they only have few customers at that time. Our server is a nice guy and  diligently explain to us their different sauces and how to achieve a very nice sauce which will compliment to all of their dishes.

For the appetizer we ordered the famous Shrimp Dynamite which is very very delicious (I'm so in love with this dish) and calamari...I just got amused when I saw their calamari  it's not a ring one hehehhe.

Shrimp Dynamite

 And since I'm on a diet we didn't ordered that much -  PF CHANGS Fried rice with Chicken and Mongolian Beef for the main course but off course I tried it to taste. The fried rice is good but we find the Mongolian Beef too sweet which remind me of Tocino I will not order this again in the future.

PF Changs Fried Rice with Chicken

Mongolian Beef
It's time to eat...


Shrimp Dynamite            45.00
Calamari                        36.00
PF CHANGS F. Rice      34.00
Mongolian Beef              66.00
Softdrinks                       28.00
Lemonade                      19.00

You can check out for the menu :

Overall experience..THUMBS UP!!! We'll definitely come back to try more of their dishes.


  1. Dynamite is awesome!!
    girl I hope try cheesecake factory and let's see what can you say.. just don't like the ambiance.

  2. oppssss sorry for the late reply..i heard alot of good reviews on cheesecake factory and it's for me to find out what the chaos is all about it true that the waiting time is a disaster??!!