Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Chopstick Iftar Offer 2013

I must admit this is a late post for Chopstick Iftar Menu offer since Ramadan is almost over.

Chopstick is one of the new dining which opened recently in Sahara Center (you might be wondering why always Sahara Center??!!our place is just few jumps to this mall..) I'm craving for Chinese food that time so why not give it a try.

They have a Iftar meal that time which cost AED 59.00 per set menu.

Choice: Vegetable Soup
              Spring Roll or Chicken Salad
              Chicken with Ginger & Onion or Beef Szechuan
              Water & Dates

Dates & Lemon Drink (?)

Vegetable Soup

Spring roll & Chicken Salad

and these are all of our food :)
cozy ambiance

One set menu is already good for 2 person which they should have inform us beforehand. Unfortunately, we ordered 2 set menu..anyway, the good side is we had taste everything.

Customer service is good but lack in giving information to customer. Place is nice and clean perfect for a quiet talk.

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