Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thank you for another year...

Triple Chocolate - French Bakery
I just celebrated my 34th birthday yesterday..oh my how time flies so fast!!! if only I could stop ticking the clock of our lives. But this is really the reality of our lives our biological body gets old and weak I just couldn't imagine losing people I love..and honestly I hate it when my birthday comes hehehehe.

And actually I preferred no celebration at all. Just a good sleep..a good food and a good talk will make me happy. Sometimes I was thinking is it I'm so boring or I'm just so simple?!

But since my hubby insisted to make handa on my birthday and as per him since he didn't throw a party on his last birthday..I should throw one all together with our super delayed house warming. I preferred all the food from scratch and off course with the loving support and help of my hubby.

Eventhough I'm so tired from the preparation of the foods..I'm so happy to see some friends that I had not seen for sometime.

Thank you for your sweetness:

The most precious gift I received in this lifetime
Above all..I want to Thank you Lord for all the blessings I'm receiving through all this years. You gave me the things I dreamed off..I'm having a wonderful husband and very beautiful family. You only not gave me what I need but you also gave me some pocket to spend for the things I want. I just pray for the continuous happiness and good health for me and for my entire family.

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