Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Power Breakfast @ DOME Cafe

I loveeeeee Friday!!! It's one of the two days I can woke up late..and I can have a healthy and sumptuous breakfast. Now, it's obvious I'm a breakfast eater..I can have my breakfast even it still dawn hahahha..Actually, it only started recently when I proved to myself that breakfast is really the best meal of the day - I don't easily get starve so I'm not tempted to eat unhealthy food and I more alert and energized when I have one in the morning compare if I just took a cup of coffee.

Our usual Friday route is either we go to church or go for a grounding - then have a real meal for breakfast. If I can have my breakfast as early as dawn that is exactly the opposite of my hubby, he only eat his breaky at least 10:00am..which for me it's not a breakfast at all..the one we usually called brunch. Anyway, even though we have different food clock we still enjoy our food together :)

This is our first time to dine in DOME cafe  and thanks to my incentive card!!!! but I usually have their food in our office meetings and conferences  this is how I got my incentive card. For every 50 Dhs you spent 1 stamp on your card and one card have a maximum of 20 stamps when completed which mean you have 100 Dhs to spend either delivery or dine in but except for whole cakes.

We opted to went to Burjuman Center branch instead of Reef mall, their  Reef mall branch is just a small space. And we seen before the one in Burjuman near to Metro Station - it's huge place enough to move around. But for some reason  we had difficulty to find it from the parking area and when we check on the information map guide it leads us to 2nd floor. I never knew  that they have to outlets there which they called Jumana Branch.

Anyway, the place is not bad at all..not as big as the one in the ground floor but it's more quiet and you can enjoy a nice talk with someone.

Lovely place!!! It's clean and tidy and have amble of chairs and table to accommodate more customers. Lucky us we're the only customer that time..ohhh!!!have a mentioned before that I love quiet place..I'm more on the conversation type so I really enjoyed this place - it's honestly a hidden gem for people like me.

I love the ceiling!!!!

while waiting for our food..let's have pictures!!!

I really find this little thing sooo cute!!! It show's how important customer service is.

Ohhh how he love this one..he is definitely a happy man hehehhe

Breakfast is served.

I ordered Country breakfast for me which includes fresh orange juice, scrambled egg with sautéed mushroom and grilled tomatoes, toasted brown bread with butter and a cup of coffee. While hubby had a omelette breakfast btw, the omelette consist mushroom, tomatoes and cheese..really yummy!!!

Turkey Bacon

Enjoying our coffee!!!  This really makes my day ;)

As hubby said, it's really nice to have a real food in the morning in a nice place with a great talk.

With these sumptuous meal, we had a great day and a happy tummy!!!

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