Friday, October 25, 2013

I love Gelato

" Gelato" is the italian term for ice cream. But what really is the difference between the Ice Cream of US to Gelato of Italy??!!

According to Food Republic, the difference depends to 3 factor: fat, air and temperature. For the fats, ice cream must have at least 10% of fats (cream) while gelato which is mostly made of milk, so has a lower fat. Ice cream required a fast churned to make it light and fluffy quality while gelato is slow-churned which make it more dense, milkier and slower to melt. This bring us to temperature, ice cream is served 10 degrees F - any warmer it would melt. But gelato has less fat and air it served at 15 degrees F.

Anyway, either gelato or ice cream If I have one I'll surely enjoy it. Enough of this trivia thing :) let me share with you my first gelato experience.

Everytime we're in Dubai Festival City it never failed to catch my attention this color gelato stand. But honestly, I'm just always looking at it's either I'm already full and no room for deserts or I'm feeling cold as always.

   Look how yummy and colorful they are :)                                                                                                                                                                                

It was not really our intention to have one. But when the Kabayan staff offer for a free taste we couldn't resist to have one. She give me raspberry flavor but it's too sour for me and hubby got the cheesecake which he love. So we end up having a cup in two flavors: cheesecake and Choco Divino.

The price is 19 Dhs. per cup and you can have 2 flavors. And since I gave her 20 box and she doesn't have a change she offered to put syrup in my gelato. Strawberry syrup for the cheesecake and dark chocolate syrup for the Choco Divino.

Overall experience, of course both hubby and I enjoyed it..we both love ice cream and now so this one.

And I also noticed that yes, this one melts slower that the ice cream we used to have.

So next time, you pass by a gelato stand..why not have one??!!

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