Friday, October 4, 2013


It was my hubby's colleague who introduced us to this primitive health remedy. When his colleague mentioned this to my hubby we immediately goggled it..hahhahha!!and viola we decided to try in by weekend.

Barefoot in the beach sand
A simple walking in the beach sand or just standing barefoot in the grass will make a difference in your health..what a cheap way of improving our health!!you're only investing your time.

We had a good walk in the beach at the same time it also serves as our bonding moment. Nice walk + good chat :)

By the way, last night I had a very good sleep..I usually wakes up 6:30 am even without office but today I woke up 9:00 am just when I felt that somebody was moving in our room (hubby is already preparing for the office).

My hubby is diabetic and I'm having problem with my blood pressure. Will definitely include this in our activity now.

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