Friday, October 4, 2013

Soy & Pepper

I got a meal voucher for two courtesy of Dome Cafe. Soy and Pepper is one of their group of company. And honestly when I heard the name I have mistaken it with "SALT & PEPPER" which serves Filipino food.

This is located in Reef mall besides Dome CAfe. The space is little bit small but when we came only few customers is there so not crowded for us.

The price is pretty affordable and for me the serving is reasonable enough.

Salad and Fried Dumpling

Giant Siomai

Chicken Dish which I forgot the name
Beef Dish which I also forgot the name 

Honestly, I didn't enjoy much of the food it's salty for our taste bud. The only food that I can say is "ok" is the Siomai which I take home and had it for lunch in the office.

Do I'm going to come back? most probably in the future to check out if their food have improved.

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