Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Amazing Drug Store Cosmetic - NO7 Protect & Perfect Foundation & Lipstick

This is my first time to try drug store cosmetics which I got from Boots Pharmacy. And it took me almost 30 minutes looking and reading on the each labels- I’m sure the assistants were wondering if I will really buy :D

I was looking for a foundie which is not too heavy on my face and when I saw this anti-ageing foundie which promises light to medium coverage.

I got the shade of Cool Beige which is perfect for my skintone which I believe is best suits to Filipinas.

The consistency is a little bit watery which make it easier to spread on the face but difficult to hold on the finger. What I really love with this product is - it is lightweight and you can hardly tell you've got a foundation on plus it has SPF 15 to protect my skin from the sun.

I'm using this together with my concealer to cover the uneven color.

Me with the foundie for 5 hours with no retouch

I have no plan of purchasing a new lippy since I still have a bunch of stash in my drawer but when I tried this  one.Oh mg God I can't resist!!hahahaha

I love that this lipstick feels almost like a lip balm and doesn't dry my lips at all. The color is simply gorgeous.

Overall I'm so happy with my first drug store brought stash.

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