Friday, January 31, 2014

Weekend Dinner out at Texas Roadhouse

I'm been craving for steak for the entire week so I push this to my husband to take a dinner at Texas Roadhouse but this time in Dubai City Center branch.No way that I'll go to  Dubai Mall branch  specially on weekends otherwise before you have your food you might collapse already kidding, the line is like a blockbuster film during weekend.

As a starter, they will serve a a bucket of peanut and a super heaven bun with butter cinnamon spread

I'm so addicted with this bun..outside is like coated with melted sugar and really good specially when still hot and the spread is like cream with butter and cinnamon. And actually every time I passed to Texas Roadhouse I'm buying a 1/2 dozen for take out - just microwave for 20 seconds viola I have a bun breakfast :)

For main course:

Country style Fried Chicken

New York steak with BBQ Ribs with Rice

Side Dishes: French Fries, Sweet corn and house salad with honey mustard dressing

The serving so hugeeeee..we only order two main course but I guess it's good for 3-4 persons.

Since it's weekend and there's a lot of customer the service is quiet slow but the quality of the food doesn't sacrifice.

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