Friday, May 23, 2014

Kitchen 6 @ JW Marriott Marquis-Dubai

I was browsing at my entertainer vouchers for my hubby's 35th birthday celebration when Kitchen 6 got my attention. And after checking the reviews and blogs finally decided to give it a try.

Kitchen 6 is one of the dining options in JW Marriott Marquis located in Business Bay. Second to the tallest hotel in the world with the height of 355 meters. The hotels jaw dropping twin towers are inspired by the local date palm tree.

spacious lobby not intimidating yet look so beautiful

Kitchen 6 is an all-day dining restaurant featuring 6 food stations glowing thru a glass walls. The open kitchen invites watching the chefs at work creating gastronomic delights.

We arrived at Kitchen 6 earlier than our reservation. And the wait staff gladly welcome us and took us to our reserved table and asked for our drinks.

Let me show you what Kitchen 6 has to offer:

The clean and very simple set up yet so elegant

Middle Eastern station is the nearest food station to our table. But since I'm not into Arabic food I haven't touch anything in this station. But hubby did :) Among the food I noticed was Kebab's, Samosa, Shawarma and soups.

Pardon me I'm not really into these foods so I didn't pay much attention.

Next to Middle Eastern station is Chinese station. Our most favorite and always looking forward food selection.

I can say that this is the busiest station. We're already about to leave but still the smoke from their kitchen is on.
All Chinese Chef
Non-vegetarian Dimsums
Prawn Crackers, Fried Beef and Crispy Taro
A create your own noodle bowl
Wide selections of condiments and garnishing from fried garlic, spring onion, lemon to chili sauce, light soy sauce, chili oil etc.
Indian food station. Tandoori, Biryani and Currys are here.

I love Papad
Salad/Japanese food station.

Fresh Seafood salad and crabs claws as the star

There is a limited options for cheese but as long there's a brie I'm happy. I'm taking some cheese when the staff suggested to try the jams as well and his right it jive so well.
Cheese selection with different jams

Pasta/Roast Station.

Honestly we haven't touch anything from this station - it's not like that we don't love Italian thing but we already full when we reach this station and the space we have is reserved for the desserts.

a create your own pasta dish

Near to station is the bread counter where breads are neatly covered.

I was pretty surprise when I saw this counter. Kitchen 6 is serving organic goodies. This is the first ever buffet I went wherein organic foods are given a space. THUMBS UP!!!

I don't know what Gazpacho is but since it's healthy (since it's organic..) and look so refreshing I took a shot ----- and it doesn't taste good hehehhe. It's weird to my palate - it's salty and I can't explain the taste hubby and I have the same reaction. After the first shot we immediately grab the glass of water.

And lastly the Dessert Station.

I can't stop taking photos of these lovely yummy desserts. All are dressed up beautifully.

Beautiful peacock piece in the dessert station

Tall caramel fountain (i guess it's caramel coz the color is darker that white/off white). They have chocolate fountain too but I saw them taking it off most probably not in working condition. I haven't tried it though coz my mind is already glued to the little yummy sinful cakes etc.

Ice cream and Sorbet. I love how many selection they have and the flavors are not the usual one.

Ice cream toppings from nuts to chocolate chip to vanilla and strawberry syrup
After the dessert, I how you still have room for coffee or tea.

That's the 6 kitchen of Kitchen 6!!

My buffet meal as always started with a plate of salad and cheese. This is the first time I have been brave enough to try the tomato and mozzarella salad - and boy!!I should have been brave earlier than's so good!!

Our never ending addiction to chinese and japanese cuisine

My man enjoying his bowl of noodles
Hubby's second plate of chinese buffet station
Arabic food
My dessert: A bowl of ice cream and few small cakes
Green tea, peach and caramel ice cream + lemon sorbet + vanilla syrup on the side

White chocolate mousse, red velvet cake and a mini cone w/ chocolate mousse inside
Hubby's dessert

A birthday celebration won't be complete without a cake.We were enjoying our dessert when hubby's cake came.

I'm glad that they take a note that we came here for a birthday celebration. I just mentioned it when I made the reservation 2 days back before our visit and it didn't required me to remind them. And the staffs are secretly asking me if we were ready for the birthday cake so it would be a surprise for my man. Even though Albert already got an idea that I asked for a cake for him I keep on denying it :P And right as I am denying it 3 staffs with a plate of cake while singing came in. Both of us are controlling our laugh while we smile and say thank you to the staff.

Kitchen 6 is perfect for us. Nice ambiance - you can talk and share a secret joke.All the staff have a smile on their face and very attentive to their guests- Excellent customer service  plus good food selection.

Total Bill: AED 195.00 including drinks (soda & water)
used Entertainer voucher buy 1 take 1


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