Saturday, August 9, 2014

Eid Escapade @ Al Ain Rotana

Eid Holiday is most awaited day for like us busy working 9 hrs a day 5-6 days a week. Eid Al Fitr is usually 2 or 3 days holiday after Ramadan. And I'm lucky enough to have 3 days holiday :)

Me, hubby and some friends decided to spend our salubong to Eid Al Fitr in Al Ain Rotana and at the same time celebrate a friend birthday. We had late check in by around 7:30 pm which is smooth and staffs are very helpful carrying our overloaded luggage which include 2 coolers (for our dinner/bday celebration) hehehhe and baby swimming stuffs.

As expected in Rotana's hotel lobby is very cozy and welcoming.

Some picture of our room: King Deluxe Room

The room is so huge but it can't hide that Al Ain Rotana is old and the tiles on the bathroom is not pleasing to the eyes already.

Connecting door

After getting our designated rooms and securing our stuffs we immediately went to the celebrants room to have our dinner.

We decided to bring some foods rather than spending few more hundred dirhams.

Yummy foods

Right after our super yummy and fun dinner with these wonderful people we immediately change clothes for swimming since the pool will be until 9:30 pm. And the kids are already excited to play in the water.

this kiddo is soooo excited!

And we are readyyyyy!!

And since underwater selfie is a THING now a days..Hubby should have one :)

We left the pool just when the lifeguard ask us to do so :D hehehhe. And promised as early as it opens we'll come back.

Since we came dark when we checked in we didn't have the chance to check for our view. It's my good morning coffee when I decided to check it. And wowww!!it's perfect.

Coffee session with my perfect view


Morning swimming before heading to breakfast buffet.

At last after countless trials. I made it!!

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