Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rosa Mexicano 2

As I promised I need to go back to Rosa Mexicano to try their freshly made guacamole but I haven't expected that this will be so soon. We were in Mirdif City Center trying to catch a good deal when we decided to have dinner outside instead of cooking at home.

And since I have entertainer voucher for Rosa Mexicano this will not hurt my pocket. By the way, entertainer book/ voucher is a buy one take one deal in participating restaurants/ merchants. It's a little bit expensive but if you were like us who love to eat this is a very sulit sa sulit buy.

Rosa Mexicano is  eye catching to anyone. Very brilliant color of red, yellow and blue giving a purple shade I love. I can't get enough looking around it seems there was a lot of things happening.

Nice mat..nice plate..nice napkin..perfect color!!Purple
Even though the seats with beautiful backdrop of waterfall and butterflies are available we opted to seat  in the couch near to the entrance to give us a different experience of just looking at the waterfall while enjoying our mexican delight.

While we're browsing the menu our server suggested to try their guacamole  with unlimited chips and salsa and presto my answer is YES!!

The first thing came was the chips with salsa with our pitcher of peach iced tea and a bottled water. Both are so perfect the chips are warm and crispy with the no so sour salsa.

Moments later, a server came with a cart of avocados and chopped ingredients and just like most mexican restaurant did prepared it right before your eyes. How i feel like eating so healthy with this freshly mix of avocado, tomato, cilantro, jalapenos and onions.

We were still busy savoring our guacamole and chips when our main course arrived.

For hubby: Chicken Enchiladas. A famous swiss recipe from Mexico. Pulled chicken rolled in soft corn tortillas and topped with a tomatillo cream sauce. Served with their house rice and refried black beans.

What I love with mexican food aside from it's surely delicious is the use of vegetables and herbs. Usually hubby is not into leafy and onions and the like. But here he can eat it all!!

Pardon me for this I know it's not mexican food but I wanna try cheeseburger mexican style..what a scapegoat!!

For me: Cheeseburger. Grilled sirloin on a brioche bun with melted chihuahua cheese.Served with chipotle mayo and sweet potato fries.

This is thumbs up!!
Super moist burger and very delicious. Plus the sweet potato fries is winner as well. Both of us can't get enough of this.

Looking forward to another mexican indulgence.

Rosa Mexicano - Mirdif City Center
Total Bill:
148.00 AED with 1 main course free (entertainer voucher)

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