Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kaleidoscope at Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

How time flies!!!we're celebrating our 12th years of being together, our friends called it cheesssyy but who wouldn't cherish the date you will have your perfect match in this lifetime.

I want to have a short getaway but since I haven't planned it ahead of time we just decided to have a dinner date. And this time at the "Kaleidoscope" of Atlantis The Palm. 

Kaleidoscope is a casual dining for the people who can't decide what to eat or simple want to have a taste of everything. It has open interactive  live cooking stations and wide range of food selections.

very charming piece at the reception
We had a reservation for 7:30 pm wherein tables are already busy. We just need to wait for a few minutes on the queue before we had our table and luckily the wait staff gave us a nice place away from childrens roaming around.

Upon entry this beautiful ice carved welcome us.

If you're looking for a more private and romantic place to dine Kaleidoscope is not a place for you and this is our honest mistake. Since there's a lot of diners it seems the huge place is not good enough plus childrens wore walking and running around, every now and then we're scared of bumping a child.

Each buffet was decorated based on what cuisine they served so just looking from a far will give you an idea where to go first.

Bread station which we snobbed heheheh

I love starting my plate with salad but I can't resist when I saw the conveyor of makis and sushis. And even though I'm a self confessed Maki addict I need to limit by taking 2 pcs  :) I need to save more space for other goodies.

After our salad we proceed to our most favorite - the Chinese cuisine!!

How I love this station!! A create your own bowl. Choices from kind of noodles, meat, vegetables and soup stock.

Yummy bowl of noodles and prawn crackers
my second plate of chinese cuisine: still prawn crackers, dim sum, chicken bun

Beautifully arrange stations.

The dessert station is the star of the night it was beautifully arranged and surrounded with the cuisine buffet. There were choices of cakes, ice cream, chocolate fondue and candies. From Arabic sweets to English sweets you can have it all.

My plate of yummy sweets.

We were enjoying our desserts when our anniversary came arrived.

Thumbs up for the food in Kaleidoscope we enjoyed our around the world food experience.

Price: 200 AED for the International Buffet excluding drinks

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