Friday, January 31, 2014

Chinese New Year Dinner @ Chopsticks

We must admit Chinese had a big influence in Filipino's life - their culture..believes and practices. We normally say "wala naman mawawala kung gagawin..".  And celebrating Chinese New Year is one of their occasion we're also awaiting for - nakiki-chinese ika nga nila. Everything in the name of luck and good fortune for the entire year.

And since I'm ordinary Filipino hubby and I celebrated Chinese New Year in a chinese restaurant named Chopstick - this is my second review for this restaurant.

When we arrived as expected the place is clean and cozy. We were given a shot glass drinks together with menu.

I want to order a whole fish but at that time it's not available. So we ended up with one chicken dish and noodles and a bowl of fried rice.

Seafood Noodles

Crispy Orange Chicken

Fooden Fried Rice
The food is so delicious and we ended so full. The noodles was so great as well as the Chicken Orange - it's crispy and the orange sauce was not that sweet nor sour. and the rice is complemented well with our viand.

Oh and I must mention the Iced of the best iced tea i had!!!

Our total bill for this is 103.00 Dhs. since I have a entertainer voucher for one main course free.

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