Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcoming 2014..Happy New Year!!!

New Year is one of many occassion how I wish we were back home with our loved ones and with our traditional celebration - who wouldn't  miss the noise and smoke from firecrackers..the torotot..the barbeque in your yard..the tambols and kalampagan of batya and palanggana.

Media Noche
It's been 6 years we're celebrating Christmas and New Year away from our home country and for two consecutive years it's only me and hubby. And despite it's only the two of us we still preferred to welcome the year at home with our our traditional foods and practices.

Same as last year New year's day  falls on weekdays where everyone needs to go to work and no enough time to prepare for Media Noche. So ahead of time we did the grocery for items that need even not fresh.

Since I usually reaching home by 8:00pm everyday it's much better for me to prepare some dishes ahead of time but making sure to maintain the taste and quality.

Let me share with you how I prepared our Media Noche- one day ahead I usually do my desserts.

Leche flan

Biko with caramel toppings
And since tomato based pasta sauce are more better when cooked ahead of time I cook it also one day ahead so that what I need to do is just reheat and tossed it with freshly cooked pasta in the day of the event.

I also boiled to tenderness the pata ahead..and put it in the oven 2-3 hours before the event and viola you have a crispy tender Crispy pata. This is a healthy alternative way of cooking for our sinfully delicious Crispy pata..instead of increasing the fat from deep frying you're minimizing the fat which drips from the pata.

And since we just brought the meat for the Bulalo I cooked it at the same night. For approximately 3 hours. Fried fish and Fried Rice should be cooked at the same night as well.

This is how I prepare our Media Noche stress free with limited time.

Anyway, whatever food we have every New Year the important is we're with our loved ones and be thankful for all the graces we received from Almighty God.

Wishing you all a good year ahead!!!

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