Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Umami experience

The first time I heard the term "umami" was when I watched a cooking show hosted by Chef Rosebud Benitez - she would always say that umami was the fifth taste together with sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Umami is a loanword from japanese which means "pleasant savory taste". People taste umami via receptors for glutamate which is commonly found in it's salt form as the food additive MSG.

We're in Al Ghurair Center for a lunch in Liwan Restaurant when we saw this Umami store with a lined of people - a sign of a good food. Hubby and I agreed to come back the following day for his ramen session. Hubby is a ramen sucker and I'm a maki addict so we're really excited and looking forward for this.

Look at the plastic food menu!!!isn't so tempting???!!

This was our order the following day:


Hubby ordered the Prawn Tempura Ramen because he knows I love prawn tempura..I can eat this for the whole day alone.


Here comes the verdict: Are we satisfy with our meal??!! the big answer is NO. Both of us are disappointed in these 2 meals we had. The prawn tempura is not crispy at all not as what they're claiming to be "CRISPY PRAWN TEMPURA". And the noodles itself looks like the instant noodles we used to cook at home plus the vegetables are already soggy but to be fair the soup itself taste good enough.

And with my Chicken Katsudon the chicken was so thin and the vegetables were soggy as well, I'm expecting it to be fresh and crispy coz that is japanese food known to be.

My Umami experience is not umami at all or probably we just gave too high expectation for this.

Total bill of : 68.00 Dhs. with 2 small bottle of water.

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