Saturday, November 16, 2013

Review: Asian Flavors Restaurant

Last Friday, for some reason I'm so lazy to stay in my kitchen and I just told my hubby to try one restaurant I spotted in Damasus Road in Al Qusais which is so actually near to his office. The place was called "Asian Flavors Restaurant" as from it's name itself it caters from Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai cuisine.

The place is actually not that big and I guess it can accommodate 50-60 people only but the place is clean and tidy. I love their color coordination and the semi-native motif of the place.

By the way, they have videoke here!!!nice one when you're in the mood to show off your talent hahahhaa...

The menu book is so nice it's like a wood book :)

And since this is our first time, we're not brave enough to try other cuisine aside from Filipino. I'm looking forward to try their Thai next time.

This is a in-house soup. I guess it's Bulalo soup!! Just right after we gave our order they serve the soup.

Here comes the food:

Calamares is my all time favorite along with Shrimp tempura. This is always in my order whenever it's in the menu. They serve it with Tartar sauce and some leaves of romaine lettuce. I just wish they use Japanese/Panko Bread crumbs instead of only usual batter. It would make it more cruncher and will look the servings more bigger.

Price: 25.00 Dhs.

The Bopis is so perfect in taste not that sour and not that spicy. The only down fall I can say is it's not appetising to  my sense- they should have use atsuete for more vibrant color coz that's the usual bopis  I use to have in most corners of the Philippines. And because I'm OC when it comes to food I just hope they cut the onion same in sizes honestly I'm so distracting with the sizes of the onion hehehhe.

Price: 30.00 Dhs.

We love Kare-kare!!!! I'd tried Kare-kare from countless restaurant already and I'm so proud to say I cooked Kare-kare perfectly (well that's according to people who have tried it..). If I gonna rate Asian Flavor's Kare-kare I'll give it "8". Mainly because as per  hubby the meat is not that tender (I just eat vege's in Kare-kare, btw) and secondly the sauce look more "sabaw" for me. I like my kare-kare to be more saucy that masabaw.

Price: 35.00

Our total bill is 116.00 Dhs including 2 rice, 1 softdrinks and 1 big bottled water.

The price is reasonable enough for the servings. With the 3 courses we ordered I guess that is already good for 3-4 pax.

And before I forget, they have excellent customer service. The wait staffs are very attentive to their customers. I so love it!!!

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