Thursday, September 12, 2013


As early as 9:16 am I' m on the mood to write..I digged some photo's back when we had our vacation in the Philippines this year. When I noticed I have not made a review for Saboten in HK International Airport

Every time we travel hubby and I wants  ample of time in the airport..sound strange, right???!! lolz..we love killing time seating, chatting, roaming and off course looking and trying some food.

Hong Kong International Airport is my most favorite huge..lot of choices of will never get tired of roaming around when you're trying to kill some time. The only problem you will encounter is that it's so hard to find a seat plus the que is so longggggg when you go to food court.

At last!!!!!

I'm sorry.. forgot the name and the price for this but it's - Pork Tonkatsu and Shrimp Tempura with shredded raw cabbage. The rice is the usual sticky rice with some pepper and sesame seed??!!not so sure..but it blends so well with the rice :) for the drinks hubby brought me bottled green tea..and hmmppp the taste it not  nice but still I almost finished it - i just thought of the price!!:P

Hubby had roasted duck which is also good with miso soup on the side but he got this to another food chain.

I will always look forward to come back here.

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