Thursday, September 12, 2013

California Pizza Kitchen

At last my week is over..HAPPY THURSDAY!!! Time to go out..have a nice dine and chat.

I'm been craving for pizza for quiet sometime now so we decided to go in one of my favorite pizza restaurant the " CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN " we went to Mirdiff City Center Branch which has a nice and cozy place.

Honestly I really feel guilty on this I'm been on a diet for a month now :( but let just consider this as a "CHEAT DAY!"

to lessen my guilt..I went for greens!!!
A glimpse on their menu and range of price which honestly for me it's a little bit too pricey -I hope they can lower their price :P

Soooo what did we actually had???!!

For me: Apple Cucumber Cooler (20.00 Dhs.). I super love this drink!! it's refreshing plus it's healthy.

For him: Avocado Shake (23.00 Dhs.). It's too sweet not actually a drink for's a dessert :P

Roasted Artichoke and Spinach Pizza (49.00 Dhs.)
I love this as much as I love chips with artichoke and spinach dip. A good alternative for the usual meaty pizza. My hubby is not a vege eater but he love this too.

SALMON + SHRIMP CARBONARA (56.00 + 8.00 = 64.00 Dhs.)
It's just actually Salmon Carbonara but I asked the server to add shrimp on it and an additional 8.00 Dhs is needed. I opted for this over the Baked Lasagna eventhough it's  the best Lasagna I have tasted here in UAE...thinking of calories intake again!!maybe next time...

NEW YORK STRIP (89.00 Dhs.)
Yummy steak!!vegetable are perfectly cooked. The mashed potato is good as well but it's already cold when they serve probably they let it seat while waiting for the steak to be done.

TOTAL BILL: 250.00 Dhs. which include one small bottled water.

By the way, their service is very slow. We waited for our food for almost 40 mins. So if  you are really hungry I guess this place is not for you.

But overall we had a perfect food for tonight!!

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