Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nichido High Definition Lipsticks

Nichido cosmetics is my most favorite local brand. I have tried their powders and liners and I just so love it. This is the first time that I purchased their lippies and as expected I love it too. Quality and price wise (Php. 198.00) this is a good steal.

cute packaging

Glam Red, Rouge Blossom, Tropical Coral ((L-R)

Rouge Blossom is my most fave..isn't obvious??!!

And the below is the swatches:

It's very pigmented lip color and it stays on my lips for 4-5 hours without re-applying. And it also doesn't dry up my lips. And smell wise it's not that strong like the usual lipstick.

Next time I will try to get more lippies in Nichido :)

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