Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Easy Meatballs Recipe

I was totally clueless what's for dinner when I saw my minced chicken sitting in the freezer..Viola!! why not "Meatballs".

Meatballs are one of the most versatile dish you can play with - could it be Sweet & sour..Spaghetti with meatballs..swedish meatballs..our very pinoy misua w/ meatballs or you can have it alone with banana ketchup dip.

Here is a very easy recipe of my meatballs wherein I used minced chicken but off course you can used any meat you want from pork to beef or even lamb.


300 gm minced chicken
Onion chopped
1 pc potato grated (or carrots)
1 tbsp garlic powder
salt & pepper
some chopped spring onion
some chopped parsley
2 pcs eggs
2 tbsp all purpose
2 tbsp parmesan cheese (optional)
Oil (oil for frying)


1. Mix all the ingredients until everything is well blended.
2. Heat up oil and form balls from the mixture.
3. Fry until golden brown and drain excess oil using paper towels.

And you have it!! Happy cooking :)

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