Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Easy Meatballs Recipe

I was totally clueless what's for dinner when I saw my minced chicken sitting in the freezer..Viola!! why not "Meatballs".

Meatballs are one of the most versatile dish you can play with - could it be Sweet & sour..Spaghetti with meatballs..swedish meatballs..our very pinoy misua w/ meatballs or you can have it alone with banana ketchup dip.

Here is a very easy recipe of my meatballs wherein I used minced chicken but off course you can used any meat you want from pork to beef or even lamb.


300 gm minced chicken
Onion chopped
1 pc potato grated (or carrots)
1 tbsp garlic powder
salt & pepper
some chopped spring onion
some chopped parsley
2 pcs eggs
2 tbsp all purpose
2 tbsp parmesan cheese (optional)
Oil (oil for frying)


1. Mix all the ingredients until everything is well blended.
2. Heat up oil and form balls from the mixture.
3. Fry until golden brown and drain excess oil using paper towels.

And you have it!! Happy cooking :)

Friday, January 16, 2015

J8 Hotel-Singapore

Singapore is one of the most expensive tourist destination. Hotel rates depends on the location, comfortability and amenities. Most affordable hotels can be found in red district area.

Every time we travel I always consider the location for the accessibility to public transportation, comfort and off course affordability. Blog reviews and tripadvisor has always been my best friend.

Actually I was torn between V Hotel and J8. V Hotel is located just at the top of Lavender station- a very excellent location for tourist but according to reviews the rooms are quiet small for the price. We have chosen J8 Hotel even though it's 7-10 mins walk to Lavender station and Farrer Park station because first, the price is more affordable than V Hotel what is 7-10 mins walk by the way. And second, the review was so excellent in tripadvisor as a matter of fact it is No. 1 of 59 Singapore B&B and Inn's.

I booked our room for 4 nights through Agoda where you can find excellent hotel deals worldwide. After your booking you will receive a booking confirmation and receipt and all you have to do is print and show it in the hotel reception upon check in.

And since we'll be arriving in Singapore late, I informed the hotel priory that we will be having a late check in. When we arrived we're welcome by the warm smile of the receptionist and took my hotel confirmation. The check in is very smooth in less than 5 mins we're already in our room.

We had Deluxe Gold room which has a window and located in the corner of 2nd floor. The hotel and our room is very clean and smell so fresh.

Since we're asian the room is spacious enough for us and we can still move around.

Oh! have I mentioned that all the items in the mini-bar are complimentary which consist of: 2 cans of soda, 2 packet of skitters, M&M milk choco, M&M choco peanuts and some mini choco rolls. And they give 2 bottles of water everyday - which I love since even water is expensive in SG.

The bathroom is very clean and they change the towels every day.

I love this!!
I enjoyed their bathroom a lot with the rain shower who wouldn't?!

 Breakfast consist of cereals, toast and preserve,  coffee & tea and a menu which they change everyday.
A cup of coffee before we go...
All the staffs is always wearing a smile on their face and helpful to give informations.

Overall, we had a wonderful experience with J8 hotel and we'll definitely stay here if we come back to Singapore.

Nearest MRT : Lavender station and Farrer Park station (7-10 mins walk)

Nearest Shopping : Mustafa Centre and City Square mall

Food : 1 min. you can find a food store (since it's in the corner of Kitchenar Rd.)

A Walk to City of Lion-Singapore

It's been a while since my last post :( and since it's first month of a new year I wanna make a good start and kick off.) Upon checking out my albums I realized I haven't post our trip to Singapore and Malaysia last October 2014.

The trip was quiet unplanned and I just had less that 2 months to do the research, reservation and all other stuffs. And luckily we got a very cheap deal on our Emirates Airlines ticket (DXB-SG/KL-DXB). When I had my confirmed ticket I immediately look for our accommodation - affordable, good location, cleanliness and comfort is what we're looking for.

I'll do another post for my review with J8 Hotel.

J8 Hotel - Townshed Rd. near to 8-10 mins walk to Farrer Park station

We arrived in Singapore by around 8:40 pm we passed the immigration very smoothly without any question ask. Took the Train and drop off to Lavender station---we're planning to take a cab but unfortunately the place is full of people during those hours and aside from the cab passes rarely - when one comes it's always with customer inside. We can't take a bus because we don't have any idea which number to take (i know it's our fault..we should made a back up plan beforehand!). If I remember it right we wasted almost an hour waiting and looking for a cab when at last we got one!!yeheeeyyy..and guess what??!!it takes only 2-3 mins drive and we reached our hotel.

And this is our first meal in Singapore:

24 hrs hawker stall
Chicken wings

The next day, we woke up little bit late since Universal Studio will open 10am and we already have our ticket with us. By the way, I suggest to get your ticket online  Universal Studio Ticket aside from less hassle you can have discount when using your Mastercard.

And the famous globe!!

We did enjoyed most of the rides specially the Mummy!!

It's already past 1pm when we decided to take our lunch at Hollywood China Bistro.

We left USS by around 4pm and just got back to our hotel to rest and have energy the following day.

The next day we woke a little bit earlier for our Sentosa.

After Sentosa we went straight to The Shoppes MBS for lunch. And ate in the foodcourt which I'm so impressed-lots of selection and super yummy food. Hubby had the Bah Kuh teh (It's their version of Nilaga but without vegetables) and I had my all time favorite Japanese bento hehehhe.

It's already past 3pm when we left the food court and went to MBS for the observation deck.

The breath taking view by day:

It's still early but my feet are already tired but since we're already there we just decided to stay and wait for the night to see the lightnings in Garden of the Bay.

Marina Bay Sands by night
After strolling around in Garden of the Bays we watched the water show in MBS and go straight to Makansutra Gluttons Bay for dinner.

Helix Bridge
The S$1.00 ice cream

Chicken rice with gizzard for hubby

dessert for me

Honestly this place is not for me but since hubby is already hungry I don't have a choice but to let him eat hehehe. I find it chaotic and plus the weather is so humid-one lesson learned I should check and read more review to visualized the place.

The day is so tiring and all I want it to lay down in the bed. We reached our hotel by around 11pm already-what a day??!!

Our last day is more relax and free it's only strolling around and buying some pasalubong and bilin from friends.

Little India: Nothing much to see or we just missed it heheheh

And this is my favorite place. BUGIS!! It's like our divisoria but airconditioned. A lot of stuff you can buy from clothes, souvenirs items, chocolates and street food.

I just feel sorry that I missed Chinatown :(

A trip to Singapore is incomplete with a bak-wa in hand.

 And a bags of white coffee..this is a super hit to my friends. And I just bought it in the supermarket along with the instant Laksa (sorry I don't have a photo of it). So next time you go to SG try to visit their supermarket there's a lot of good buys.

Food trip in City Square mall - my super huge squid ball!!

Before leaving SG we got the chance to meet my aunt.

Our overall experience in Singapore is superb!! I want to go back there just to eat and shop in their supermarket hehehhee..